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Diplomacy is not a sprint category; it should be rather considered as a marathon

Interview with the Ambassador of Croatia H.E. Gordan Bakota

Your Excellency this is not your first mandate as an ambassador. Can you look behind and tell

which mandate was special to you and which one was a challenge?

Every mandate of mine has its own specific importance and brings different memories to me. I cannot compare geographically, culturally and politically different places that I have been in during very different periods. Every single place I served has a very specific relevance and will be forever remain in my mind and heart, including lot of friends and personalities I have met during those tenures.

What great achievements are deeply ingrained in the memory of your whole career?

I consider myself to have more years in diplomacy ahead of me. Therefore, I do believe that some new achievements are yet to be reached. It is still too early for me to make conclusions about my career. Diplomacy is not a sprint category; it should be rather considered as a marathon.

What makes His Excellency Mr. Bakota unique person in contributing to the image Republic

of Croatia to the world?

Certainly a combination of passionate and professional serving in my countries interest, including my own personality in presenting values, beauties, opportunities and needs of Croatia. All of us use our own characteristic and abilities to open the doors for our states interest in the fields of politic, economy, culture, science etc. At the same time, the main ethical principles have to remain as beacons of our work.

Mr Bakota what have uniquely shaped your approach as diplomat? What have you spoken

to Mr Kissinger?

Definitely many people with whom I worked with. Diplomacy is rather a virtue than the typical kind of profession; it demands constant education and readiness to be always open for new information, expertise and knowledge. Professor Kissinger has been always my inspiration and I frequently coming back to his works. Meeting Professor Kissinger means very much to me, but I would rather keep the matter of our conversation to myself.Diplomacy is about discretion, isn’t it?


Although having rather conservative approach toward social media, I did not want to avoid some personal Issues on Facebook. One of them is my late dog Frankie. Unfortunately, he is not anymore with us, but his personality, character, love and loyalty still means a lot to me. Facebook is helping me to keep my memories of him.

What thought or remembrance relates to the word “Domovina” (Homeland) in the first place

for you?

Domovina (Homeland) is my daily inspiration. I am very proud that my main duty is dedicated to present and protect the interest of my country abroad.

Can you please highlight talents, hobbies or any interesting facts related to you?

My interests are very much sports and culture. My main hobby is tennis, but I like music a lot, especially rock and roll.

How do you think new technologies and innovation can be leveraged in diplomacy? How is

Croatia prepared for that?

The pandemic has made a revolution in diplomacy. Videoconferences and virtual gatherings have become a new circumstance and necessity. New technologies and innovations are definitely indispensable tools in our work and Croatia has been adapting itself very successfully in this field during our presidency over the Council of European Union.

Which social media do you use often and why? Does social media help you spread rapid

awareness of issues?

I use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. Social media is opening for us the new horizons and opportunities. At the same time, we have to be very careful by using new technologies since diplomacy is traditionally a conservative profession. I do believe that constant education can help us be more skillful by approaching and using social media.

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